Complete review on the Plus500 trading software

Complete review on the Plus500 trading software

Plus500 is a kind of online trading software that helps all the forex traders and brokers during their online trading. It is a great trading platform for everyone who is interested in online trading. It also comes in 3 different versions. These are – web based trading, downloadable version and a mobile trading version. Many traders want to trade with the help of a software which will help them and guide them in right way.


When someone is using any software for trading, he or she looks for its reliability first. What do you check at first? The first thing that everyone checks is whether the software is regulated or not. The Plus500 trading software is regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) London. This software is not only famous in London but also famous and used by many in all over Europe. It provides many options for depositing funds and all are credible ways and it also accept all kinds of credit cards.


Plus500 has a lot of features and it is highly beneficial for the forex brokers and traders. One of the features which is really worth mentioning is that you can use the company’s free demo for unlimited number of time once you signed up with it. With this you can practice trading as much as you want to get a clear idea on trading. When you will sign up with this you need to keep certain amount money as deposit.

It also offers a centre for learning trading basics. With this basic information provided by you can have a vivid idea on how forex trading works. So, this is ideal for the beginners as they can learn this and as well as can use the demo to make themselves an expert in trading world.

Customer service

The customer service centre is also great. But they are only available via email. You can chat or call them when you have a problem. Simply you have to send a mail to them stating your problems. You will get back their reply within 30 minutes. It is pretty fast and they are available 24×7 for helping and assisting you. So, in case of any problem just mail them and wait for their response, they will surely contact as soon as possible within half an hour.


  • You can make easy withdrawals of your profit
  • Low deposit amount
  • FCA regulated software
  • Offers clutter free interference
  • Many useful tool and features

Note for customers

This software doesn’t have any kind of disadvantage as such but the only problem is the customer service centre. It would have been better if it was available over phone and live chat too.

If you are thinking to sign up with this trading software then go ahead as this is an excellent platform for online forex trading. is extremely user friendly. So, you will not even have a hassle free trading operation. This will help you a lot as it has many features and tools which are great for trading online.

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